Authentic Japanese Matcha Tasting

Breakaway Matcha - San Francisco, CA
What To Expect

Breakaway Matcha will pop up at your office to give your team an exclusive tasting of their high-quality matcha green tea from Japan, served in glasses as a cold brew, and as a warm, frothed drink.

The experience is hosted by a matcha expert who will guide your team through the world of matcha, including its history, how it's grown, fertilized, harvested, processed, and prepared.

Participants will have the opportunity to purchase 30g jars of matcha, along with a curated selection of in-house designed matcha ceramics and tools for making this beautiful, healthy beverage.

  • In-office pop up featuring Breakaway Matcha's authentic matcha green tea sourced from small, family-owned farms in Japan.
  • Participants can taste varying types of matcha.
  • On-site matcha expert provides tutorials on prepping matcha, and talks about it's background.
  • Participants can purchase matcha directly from the pop up.
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Users 9d63751f94c6be2433752c8b36754517e4d8214a921e51bcb75fef2268c85506 Ideal for 20 - 50 people
About Breakaway Matcha

Breakaway Matcha is the world's leading purveyor of extreme-quality matcha and matcha ceramics. We help people achieve focused, vibrant, and ultrahealthy lives by bringing the pleasures of great matcha into daily life.
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