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If an office is interested, you'll receive an invitation to set up your experience for their employees.

Frequently asked questions

What are offices looking for?

Vendful's clients want to provide something special for their team and make them happy about where they work. A good experience is engaging, unique, and often interactive. This could be a workshop, happy hour, class, activity, or anything else you think employees may enjoy.

How much does Vendful cost?

Vendful takes a 20% commission on what you charge a host office for each event, with a minimum commission of $100.

Are there any penalties for declining an invitation?

No, you are free to decline invitations as frequently as you see fit. We only ask that you respond to every inquiry you receive.

Can I host the event at my location?

Yes, when listing an experience you can specify whether the client travels to your location or you travel to theirs.

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